the new conscious
fragrance by
Comme des Garçons parfums

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Zero, a radical expression of simplicity. A reset. The origin of a new perspective: the antithesis of excess.

The minimalistic approach reaches every aspect: from its ingredients to the packaging. Fewer ingredients have been used. A shorter formula meticulously assembled. At once in line with the Comme des Garçons fragrance philosophy and the preservation of resources.

A statement of intent explored through the shape of perfume. A conscious celebration of our connection to the earth, demonstrated through action. A fundamental step.

The Bottle

The Bottle

Comme des Garçons iconic pebble reconsidered within a new framework: Zero impact.

A fully recyclable glass bottle, made of 15% recycled glass, reducing up to 40% of its impact.

A cap without plastic.

Single ink printing.

A balance sought between maximal sensory impact and minimal environmental consequence, reducing all unnecessary elements. Sticking to the essential and evolving towards carbon neutrality.

  • Recyclable
  • One
    single ink
  • Cap
    without plastic
The Outerpack

The Outerpack

A simple composition, printed with one type of black ink only.

The outer package is made of FSC-qualified paper, using 40% recycled consumer waste, ensuring its circularity from the making to post-consumer waste management.

  • FSC-qualified
  • Made from 40%
    consumer waste
  • One
    single ink

The Formula

Fewer ingredients: a shorter formula, meticulously assembled.

Rich, natural cedarwood – hand-harvested and extracted using hydroelectric power – enlivened by a fresh breeze of Bergamot. The raw seduction of musk and equitably-sourced Haitian vetiver patchworked against illusory beauty: an overdose of synthetic rose, a varnish accord.

95% of ingredients are of a natural origin. Avoiding any ingredients that are suspected to have a negative impact on human and environmental wellbeing, such as synthetic colorants, UV filters, phthalates, palm oil, palm oil derived or BHT.

  • No paraben,
    No silicone
  • No
    UV filters
  • 95% Ingredients from natural origin 95% Ingredients from natural origin

Our Carbon Neutral Commitments

Zero is carbon neutral and compensates for the emissions that cannot be avoided, by supporting project Maísa REDD+.

The process of carbon offsetting is an important step along the journey to a sustainable environment.

This project is protecting an area of the Brazilian Amazon threatened by deforestation. By increasing the economic value of the standing forest and improving surveillance, the project aims to protect this critical habitat and create better living conditions for local inhabitants.

Promoting forest conservation and emissions reductions from unplanned deforestation by attributing value to a “standing forest”.

The calculation of the product carbon footprint of Zero was made through: « Life Cycle Assessment » methodology, considering all stages in the value chain (from raw materials extraction to the end of life of the products).

To calculate the Carbon Footprint, we use an international standard methodology called GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) and a software tool called SIMAPRO, which calculates carbon emissions during the product lifecycle.